Los Angeles, CA

Located all around the European countryside, Menhirs are freestanding man-made rock monuments. Rough, over-scaled and mysterious, their use is not quite figured out, leaving the user open to interpretation. Originated by this idea of a sculptural object that its use is not pre-determined by the designer, the attempt of the design is to create a chair-like object that can be used in different ways. 

“Menhir 02” is referring back to its ancestor, the rough, unfinished over-sized rock, therefore the materiality is very important as part of the design.  “Menhir 02” is carved out of solid blocks of marble using cutting-edge technologies of modeling and fabricating. The two different treatments on the two sides, create these contradictions between rough and smooth, friendly and unfriendly. The back of the object has is highly textured with a linear surface treatment that appears as rough and unfinished, while the inside is smooth and without texture, so the veins of the marble block are visible.

The height of the object signifies its location and creates visual barriers as human height. The  low sitting area creates a high back but also makes the object directional.