HansonLA’s vision is focused on balancing the client’s needs with smart urban planning in order to deliver purposeful design. We amplify efficiency and sustainability by adding functionality and creative solutions to our projects. From a preliminary sketch to the final product, HansonLA’s priority is to create innovative design in the context of the project’s locality, while respecting the clients’ resources and agenda.

Douglas Hanson, AIA, has over three decades of experience collaborating with some of the world’s leading architects to produce major projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. The initial inspiration for all of Hanson’s designs comes through in the form of a sketch. These preliminary sketches act as a map that guide the team through the design process to completion.

The HansonLA team is made up of a growing number of young architects, anchored with several experienced designers and senior level staff. Our increasingly diverse team brings unique interests and backgrounds to the office, which often serve as inspiration to activate, enhance, and carry out the HansonLA vision.

HansonLA’s strong principles come together to create comprehensive solutions for our clients, each showcasing conscious and meticulous design. This dedication to our vision has positioned HansonLA as a leading architecture firm. We are located in Downtown Los Angeles and currently are working on projects in the Arts District, South Park, and West LA. We welcome the opportunity and accept any challenge in renovating existing urban fabric anywhere in the world in order to define it for the future.