This Friday! Trust in Sound Concert Series


The last Friday of every month, Skid Row Housing Trust hosts a concert celebrating Downtown Los Angeles, a dynamic neighborhood that brings together every walk of life. Held at the Trust’s landmark New Pershing Apartments, the concert directly engages the creative community to raise awareness and support for solutions to homelessness.

Skid Row Housing Trust creates permanent supportive housing for individuals who struggle with homelessness so that they can build healthier and more sustainable lives. Not only is the Trust recognized for pioneering an innovative model that ends and prevents homelessness, but is nationally honored for aspirational housing design that both heals residents and uplifts the surrounding community. The Trust’s monthly concert series is an opportunity for individuals to directly support solutions to homelessness, and join a community building neighborhoods where everyone has a place to call home.

The concerts feature Los Angeles musicians celebrating the albums and artists that influenced their work. An ongoing platform through which the Trust highlights its initiatives, the concert series is an avenue for select partners to visibly support the Trust’s work to end homelessness.

Press – inquiries to Sara Graybill, sgraybill@hansonla.com