Los Angeles, CA

The challenges that visually impaired people face every day are immeasurable. While many improvements have been made, there are still many gaps where design and technology can be implemented to lessen these challenges.

Louis Braille invented a tactile reading and writing system based on dots, which are one of the purest shapes in geometry. This handle is inspired by the simple geometry used by Braille incorporating a subtle curve that introduces the user’s hands to a flat surface on the back of the handle where a small description of what’s inside is written in braille.

 Small changes can create a big impact. Under the premise that design doesn’t have to be compromised to create accessible spaces, The Louis Handle allows for visually impaired people to acknowledge what’s behind a door or drawer. Being incorporated into residential spaces, working spaces, education buildings, and public institutions the Louis handle aims to lessen the challenges visually impaired people have while completing everyday tasks.

With its simple but efficient design, the Louis Handle will have a tremendous social impact. Granting the visually impaired the opportunity to experience architecture in a different manner. This handle is a guide for spaces and circulation making it easier to know where a specific door leads you, or what’s inside a drawer. Small changes in design and architecture can have a life-changing impact on people’s lives and this is the main purpose of the Louis Handle.