5777 Pico
5777 Pico Sketch

5777 PICO

Located at 5777 West Pico Boulevard, on the northeast corner of the intersection with Ogden Drive, the project replaces a single-story office building and parking lot. It is designed in scale and massing to bridge the existing single-family residences to the north with the more active commercial corridor on Pico Boulevard. Ground floor gardens and planted entry courts enhance the walkable streets and provide a semi-private entry sequence to the homeowner.

Each home is approximately 2,000 SF, with a private EV ready 2-car garage, a rooftop cabin and an outdoor terrace and kitchen. Inspired by artist live-work studios, the open floor plans are conceived as vertically stacked lofts that provide flexibility to the homeowner to arrange them as one, two or three-bedroom homes with as much living and workspace as desired. A mezzanine level provides a transition between the public space and the private space at level 4. It also allows for a double height ceiling to the Great Room below. The fourth floor is anchored by a 325 SF Master Suite that could be reconfigured to occupy the entire floor and become a 750 SF apartment. The houses are capped with a rooftop cabin, which is an indoor-outdoor room for working, sleeping or entertaining with a large wraparound open-to-the-sky deck.

The exterior fa├žade reflects the vertical stacking of the interior. On the Ogden Street elevation, while each individual residence is recognizable, the undulating roof line collects them into one larger

building that successfully wraps the street corner.

Design Principal: Douglas Hanson, AIA

5777 Pico Living Room
5777 Pico Ogden