Client:1200 S Figueroa Development, Inc.

The interior design for Circa, two 36 story reinforced concrete residential towers in downtown LA purposefully integrates the design of the public spaces with that of the 648 living units. The mixed communal and individual organization is made luxurious  through the custom application of premier finishes and European fixtures.

Circa’s design expression culminates in the sculptural shapes of the feature walls in the two main lobbies. Each wall is a single material pushed to its assembly limits in a merger of digital and hand craftsmanship. This approach carries through the project via a flow of color, pattern and textures.

Circa is a direct address of LA’s ongoing housing shortage and automobile over-reliance by providing homes for approximately 1000 people directly across the street from a Metro rail stop. A large park with useable outdoor space and trees acts as an air purifier in the heart of the city.