Client: Competition

 The local culture in the world-renowned landscape of the Hverfjall Volcano is propelled by year-round immersion in outdoor activities. The design team  recognized  this as an as an opportunity to channel a memorable and remarkable visitor experience through the otherworldly natural beauty of the site. The notion of discovery, fundamental to the experience of the environment, motivated a hidden design. The minimized physical and visual impact of the building lets the landscape continue to dominate the eye and imagination.

The anatomy of the Hverfjall Volcano became the metaphor for the parti of the museum design. Much like a magma chamber, the Iceland Volcano Museum galleries are all below grade. The galleries connect to the entry pavilion, one of the above-ground design features, through a long, narrow, sloping path—inspired by the volcano’s central vent. The form of the amenity spaces, including the museum cafe, merges with the ground, mimicking lava flow.